Here are all the places I’ve been fat, loud and shouty in the media


VICE Magazine
Ama Scriver sits down with freelance journalist Christina Estima to discuss the friendships she lost after she gave up drinking and drugging.

JOE Fresh 'Fresh Edit'
Ama Scriver was asked to model alongside five other influencers were asked to model for top Canadian brand, JOE Fresh in their latest spring/summer collection. Find all the details on their blog!

Be The Next Her
This modern day career blog for modern day women sat down with Ama Scriver to discuss why she chose her career path and the challenges she faces being a woman in today's media landscape.

DIANA Magazine
Ama Scriver alongside three other activists are interviewed in the article, “Body Language” about how the term body positivity is being
co-opted in today’s media landscape.

Floral Manifesto
Ama Scriver alongside four other women was asked to take part in a discussion about the ways in which they’ve been told that they’re “too much,” how those statements have made them feel, and how they’ve managed to find avenues and moments for expressing their “too muchness.”

The Toronto Star
Ama Scriver and her partner Simon Gilbert chat with Sofi Papamarko about how having an honest and smart discussion about finances can be the key to a healthy relationship.

Cosmopolitan Magazine
Ama Scriver makes an appearance in the brand new Alessia Cara, “Scars to Your Beautiful,” which focuses on self-love and self-acceptance through a body positive lens. The video features Ama sharing some stories of her own journey.

National Magazine Awards
Thanks to their incredible cover for NOW Magazine’s Love Your Body issue in 2015 which landed Ama Scriver and Yuli Scheidt on the cover, their cover won NOW Magazine a National Magazine Award for People’s Choice Award.

This Woman I Know
Ama Scriver was selected to be a part of a photo series that features self-identified women who show support and empower other women in the Toronto community.

Megan Stulberg
In Megan’s first ever ‘Girl Crush’ column, she features Ama where they talk what it takes to be a boss bitch in business and what it means to be a part of the body positivity community.

CBC’s The Candy Palmater Show
Ama Scriver is live in-studio with host Candy Palmater to discuss body positivity and posing for the 2015 NMA People’s Choice Award Now Magazine cover for their Love Your Body issue.

The Toronto Star
Ama Scriver is included as one of nine leaders in Toronto’s body positivity movement telling the Toronto Star what she’s fighting for, what she is proud of and what the body positivity community needs to change.

Global News National
An Addition Elle worker in Edmonton was fired over the use of the word ‘fat’ and Global News chats with Ama Scriver about her thoughts on body positivity and the politics of the word ‘fat’.

Written Girl
Anastasia Barbuzzi sits down for a candid discussion with Ama Scriver on her re-brand after Fat Girl Food Squad and launching into the life of a full-time freelancer.

Food Psych The Podcast
Writers Ama Scriver and Kirthan Aujlay discuss with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN the intersections of food, fat, and feminism, why it’s important to be part of a body-positive community, how to handle online trolls, and lots more!

The Signal Halifax
After a sold-out workshop on body image at Venus Envy in downtown Halifax, Ama Scriver chatted with The Signal and talked about getting individuals to embrace a more positive outlook and focus on loving themselves year round.

Navabi, the leader in plus-size fashion chats with Ama Scriver on her New Year’s style fashion revolutions alongside other noted plus-size bloggers Cathy Bouris, Stephanie Yeboah, Bethany Rutter and Charlotte Curtis.

Ama Scriver is named one of the top 15 feminist and body positive social media accounts you need to follow in 2016 by Bustle.

The Crimson Wave Podcast
Ama Scriver rides the wave with Jess Beaulieu and Natalie Norman where we talk all things periods, sex, gender fluidity, feminism, body positivity and more.

Hysteria The Podcast
Jenn Walker and Ama Scriver chat in the bunker about body positivity, feminism, the male gaze, sex and food.

The Chic Canuck
The gals over at The Chic Canuck ask Ama Scriver what is the ultimate guide to shopping for a Libra

Writer Jodie Layne features a photo of Ama Scriver in this powerful article about what to do when you see body shaming go down.

Writer Amanda Richards features Ama Scriver as one of 7 plus-size women who looks stylish in glasses.

Writer Amanda Richards features Ama Scriver as one of 15 women in a #fatkini prove that body diversity is beautiful and inspiring.

Now Magazine
The first ‘Love Your Body’ issue put together by NOW Magazine featured Ama Scriver and Yuli Scheidt of Fat Girl Food Squad on the cover discussing what it means to love your body, day in and day out all year round.

CBC Metro Morning
Ama Scriver appears on CBC Metro Morning to chat about the Fat Girl Food Squad art gallery show, Fat in Public – exhibit features works of photography, fashion, craft and embroidery that normalize fat bodies.

Food Bloggers of Canada
An interview with Ama Scriver and Yuli Scheidt to discuss their blog, Fat Girl Food Squad and the difference they’re making in the food community.

An interview with Ama Scriver on her blog, Fat Girl Food Squad and why it’s okay to be ‘fat in public’.

Rock-It Promotions
Rock-It Promotions very own blog, On The Fourth Floor names Ama Scriver their very own Media Darling. She answers a few questions including who she would invite over for dinner (hint: it’s Kanye and Kim Kardashian)

The Continuist
Ama and Yuli from Fat Girl Food Squad answer a few questions from the team at the Continuist and share a photo shoot they did with noted photographer, Jessica Levy.

Local foodie Ama Scriver is grilled on her top Toronto places to go and see in this Toronto-centric Q&A.

Foodie Pages
Ama Scriver is showcased by FoodiePages as one of Canada’s top best food and drink explorers with this quick interview.

The Culinary Exchange
Featured as their monthly food innovator, Ama Scriver chats with Matthew about memorable food experiences, food inspirations and more.

Metro Newspaper
Ama Scriver hosts a taco party alongside the rest of her Fat Girl Food Squad family to raise money to get to the Allied Media Conference