"Let's get shit done."


Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a veteran social media strategist, passionate community builder, freelance journalist and speaker with over ten years of experience under her belt. Specializing in helping companies better connect with their customers via social media and digital marketing channels, Amanda has developed and managed social strategies for clients such as Digital Howard, Cosette Communications, Traffik, and Howe & Wye and has overseen projects and events for Mountain Coffee Ltd. and the Toronto Storytelling Festival.

Best known for being fat, loud, and shouty on the Internet, she has lent her voice to Leafly, Buzzfeed, The Washington Post, FLARE, The Walrus, The National Post and Allure on topics ranging from body politics to mental health aware and cannabis.

Currently, Amanda lives in Toronto, Canada with her partner and the things that spark joy are drag queens, reality television, bold lipstick and potato chips - in no particular order. Do not ask what her favourite restaurant is, it’s complicated.