This Is How Canadian Bartenders Are Trying To Make Nightlife Safer

From a young age, women are told that staying safe on a night out is solely their own responsibility.  They learn to bring their drinks to the bathroom and stay in tightly-packed groups on the dance floor. There’s been stories of women leaving shitlists of alleged rapists in public washrooms or novelties like nail polish that can detect “date rape” drugs.

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How David H. Chow Became the Jackson Pollock of Chocolatiers

With his edible chocolates featuring Jackson Pollock-esque splashes in bold, bright colours – people have traveled from far and wide to experience Chocolates & Confections by David H. Chow in charming downtown Toronto.

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The Women Fighting For the Right to Get Your Pets Stoned

In a legal gray area and untapped marketplace, these women are creating products to medicate pets with weed.

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The Hunt: Toronto

Have you always wanted to visit Toronto but needed a tour guide? Well, let me help you! Last year, I was given the opportunity to pen my very first book, a city-guide called The HUNT Toronto through Gatehouse Publishing. The award-winning Hunt Guide series will release its first Toronto edition in June 2017. With over 100 unique local businesses featured, pick up this guide and explore everything this awesome city has to offer. You can find more info about The Hunt Toronto here.

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