Moderator for Bechdel Tested

Ama Scriver has been hired by libraries, conferences, universities and brands across Canada to speak and organize workshops related to and based off the intersections between food, fat activism, body image and feminism. 

Ama has the following training and skills which have helped her immensely on-stage and off-stage.

1. The Second City Public Speaking
2. Comedy Girl: Level One
3. Anti-Opression 101 and 102 by Rania El Mugammar

I personally approached Ama to facilitate a pane on body image at Social Media Week. It was highly successful and the audience loved it. It was one of our top sessions. I would honestly struggle to think of any more in the city of Toronto qualified to speak on this matter. She has personally and successfully put herself out there as a brand, subject matter and as a strong visual and written communicator. To me, she is synonymous with this topic in Toronto!

— Michelle Pinchev, Founder, Pinch Social
“We used Amanda as a live host during Taste of Toronto. She has tremendous food industry knowledge and is extremely easy to work with. I would highly recommend Amanda!”
— Terry Mocherniak, CEO, U-Feast
I really liked how engaging her presentation was and her use of humour throughout. Although we were talking about a difficult subject, it didn’t make it difficult to listen to at all. I also liked that Amanda provided multiple resources post-event for us to continue learning about fat activism. She was strong willed and super passionate and that came through her in presentation.
— Student Feedback Form, University of Toronto