Art Therapy

Relieve Stress by Being Creative at Toronto's Paint Cabin


I love trying out new things.  Although I'm not the most creative person in the world, there has been a big trend recently that has talked about how making art can actually be a stress reliever. This is where Paint Cabin, a recently opened art studio/gallery and cafe-bar in the East End of Toronto comes into play. The biggest goals behind Paint Cabin is that you can come in, make your own work in a safe environment either by yourself or with a friend and well, be proud of it.  At Paint Cabin, they provide you with all the necessary tools for various different workshops including painting and woodcutting and as an attendee, we get the joys of sculpting something from wood or painting something (with brushes and paint) and being able to express ourselves under the guidance of the Paint Cabin owners.


So true to form, I dragged my girlfriend Rachelle out to a workshop at Paint Cabin with me. It was a work-stamp class - one that I had taken once before via The Shop. I had kept tweeting prior to our class about how I was going to stab myself in the stomach with one of the woodworking tool, so you know: off to a good, stress relieving wise. I obviously have no chill.

As we entered the studio space, Paint Cabin’s founder Gord Wong welcomed us in and showed us around and gave us a candid look at the space. He explained to us that Paint Cabin was for everyone, those who were into the arts as a hobby or those who were into arts as a profession. He wanted people to come here and enjoy their time in a safe and fun environment.


So for me personally, there were a lot of reasons why I wanted to visit Paint Cabin as a form of stress relief: a distraction from the awful holiday season, self-care and meditative flow. You see, once you get into the ebb and flow of the class, you kind of block out the negative energy of everything else happening in the world and just soak in all the positive vibes of what is happening around you. It really truly is magical.

That evening, Rachelle decided to make a racoon wood-stamp and I decided to make a festive holiday bear wood-stamp. I also decided to have two glasses of wine and while that probably wouldn't have helped with my fears of being stabbed by the wood-cutting tools, they tasted great going down.

PaintCabin3 PaintCabin2

Paint Cabin offers a range of workshops in various skill levels using acrylic, watercolour, sketching, woodcut art and mixed media. The workshops range in price from $40-50, including all supplies. Plus as mentioned, there is a full service cafe on-hand serving up coffee, wine, craft beer and other bakery goods.

If you're looking to try something different or just want to go and paint, then perhaps try out Paint Cabin in the new year. It's worth a shot and also worth relieving some of your adult stresses with!