SmartGlamour & Plus-Model Tia Duffy Promote Body Positivity via Social Media


This week, two new hashtag activism campaigns were launched by two different groups to challenge body image issues and tackle how people view the body positive movement throughout the world. The first campaign was release by plus-size brand, Smart Glamour – based out of New York City.

The campaign, titled “#ImFlattered” started creeping onto the Internet just this past Monday and featured not just a catchy hashtag but an ad campaign dedicated to it, featuring women from all walks of life holding signs. The signs each had handwritten criticisms each would hear in their day to day life about their body anything including “Big girls shouldn’t wear prints” to “Put the girls away!“.


Meanwhile in Canada, we had Toronto-based size 14 model Tia Duffy launch the #BeBodyAware campaign.  Tia has seen many plus-size model beginning their own campaigns to bring body love and acceptance and now Canada was getting into the mix. Tia explains in an interview with Huffington Post, “after going to endless casting calls and recognizing the separation between plus-size and straight-size models, I thought it was time to take action.”


The Be Body Aware campaign is asking for more visual representation in the fashion industry of true plus-sizes, which she explains by saying “all bodies should be accepted in fashion”.  Over the course of the next few months, Tia Duffy plans to build her movement by building a database of photographers, stylists and models to show that “models of different shapes and sizes can look great together in campaigns.”


In our ever increasingly visible world of social media, we are seeing more and more hashtag activism in the body positivity world – some of which works and some of which fails. The great thing about Smart Glamour’s #ImFlattered campaign is they have used women from all different walks of life and all different sizes and have them a voice towards reclaimed the word flattered and the criticisms they have received in past.  With Tia Duffy’s #BeBodyAware campaign, it’s advocating for real change in the fashion industry: but are they willing to listen?  Let’s see if they are, because this is a change that is a long time coming.

What are some thoughts, views and opinions you have about these two new social media body positive campaigns?  Share them in the comments below and let me know your thoughts!

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