Lend Me Your Ears: Best Female Lead Podcasts

So I don’t know about you, but in the last year or so I have been getting more and more into podcasts.  Perhaps we can blame Serial (and infectious MailKimp ad’s) or the effervescent storytelling that was done by the team by This American Life.  But one thing that has gotten undeniable: the audience for female driven podcasts is (clearly) getting louder and with that, the female creative teams are making headway.

Below are 7 podcasts (and 1 potential podcast that I think you should donate to/watch out for) that you should lend your ears to and make time for because not only will they keep you sane, but they will make you laugh, teach you things and let you know you are not alone!

Tell Me Something Good
This podcast is hosted by two fab ladies, Samantha Fraser and Sophie Delancey (who I just featured on the blog two days ago). This blog is focused on all things sex-positive and curates guests to share their stories of sexual glories, blunders and growth.

Be Plus Podcast by Bailey Hildebrand
I had the opportunity of being a guest of Bailey’s podcast, Be Plus, when it first launched back in October when Fat Girl Food Squad was still around. Bailey took a great conversational tone to her podcast and explored the body-positivity movement and some of the active players and how the movement has been changing in a candid and open dialogue.


Black Girls Talking

What I love about Black Girls Talking is that it is summed up simply as “a podcast where 4 black women discuss pop culture, representation of people of color, & the pursuit of the perfect body oil.” – however Black Girls Talking is so much more than that. Alesia, Fatima, Aurelia and Ramou – the four hosts of the podcast take you through and give you some of the most insightful commentary you’ve ever heard plus, they have an amazing bevy of guests who add to their roundtable discussions. Honestly, a great listen.



Food Psych with Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN
Food Psych is a podcast exploring the intersections between food and psychology and well, nutrition. Each episode, Christy chats with a variety of people ranging from body image activists, chefs or comedians to talk about relationships to food, weird eating habits, and health at every size.


The Crimson Wave

So I love everything about the Crimson Wave podcast and here is why: Jess Beaulieu and Natalie Norman are absolutely hilarious but beyond that, it talks about anything and everything period blood related. Yes, you heard that correctly. Beyond periods, Jess and Natalie talk very candidly (and openly) about sex and vaginas. I was a guest recently on the show and I never thought I could spent an hour talking about the blood coming out of my vagina, but Jess and Natalie made it possible and for that, I thank them. Honestly, you need to listen. You will laugh and cry and then laugh some more.


Caven of Secrets

So I think I literally did a little fist pump in the air when I first read about Cavern of Secret’s – Hazlitt’s new female fronted podcast by Lauren Mitchell. For those that who don’t know her, Lauren Mitchell is a brilliant Toronto stand-up comedian, who once co-hosted another podcast entirely dedicated to all things Drake called Trust Issues. Anyways, Cavern of Secrets is dedicated to extraordinary women and celebrating women for being who they are. In the first few episodes, Lauren has had the opportunity to interview Tavi Gevinson and Carrie Brownstein – just to name a few.


Another Round

This weekly show is hosted by Buzzfeed’s very own Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton and is a hilarious but very candid and refreshing take on race, gender and pop culture. Throw in some bad jokes and some booze and you’ve got Another Round.


Okay, so this one hasn’t launched yet but I think you should donate and help them get launched off the ground.

Bad Fat Broads


I have been following both Ariel and KC for over a year now and would love to see them get funded to their amazing podcast, Bad Fat Broads off the ground. Their concept: to discuss the bad fat bitch perspective on all things fashion, pop culture, politics and more.  I feel like so many times opinions are watered down so we need more voices like this in mainstream media.  To donate to them, visit their Indiegogo page and help make it happen.

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