Hey internet friends!

My name is Ama (Amanda) Scriver. I’m a freelance writer based out Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have lived in the city that Drake lovingly refers to as the 6ix for my entire life.


I have been an active blogger since 2009 having written for several noted blogs and publications including Hello Giggles, Sprudge Magazine, The Establishment, Paste Magazine, SheKnows and BizBash.  Want to check out a full list of my works and how we can work together? Visit my Let’s Work Together page found here.

One of the projects that I am most proud of to date is Fat Girl Food Squad. a blog that tackled the intersections between food, fat and feminism.  In the three years that Fat Girl Food Squad staked its claim on the internet, we developed a community and provided a safe, positive space for all bodies through IRL events, public speaking workshops and more.


Since FGFS finished up, I have been working as a full-time freelance writer, community builder and events manager for hire.  I’m the type of writer who tries not to take themselves too seriously. I think in most (if not all) of my pieces, you can tell I am truly having a lot of fun with what I’m doing. I try to keep my content fresh, relatable and totally transparent. If it’s something I don’t believe in or feel strongly about, I won’t write about it. This mean you’ll probably read about my Diva Cup or how I experimented with sensory deprivation as self-care or you may have watched that drunken cooking video I made with my partner and for that, I apologize. If your content is interesting, I’ll probably write about it – just try me. And no, holiday bitchface isn’t it. Although that pitch truly did make me laugh.



All products and restaurants that have been reviewed were complimentary unless otherwise stated. The opinions and views expressed in the posts are all my own. Please note: not all products sent to as promotional material will be featured in a blog post. An agreement of feature, sponsored post or other arrangements must first be agreed to by all parties due to the volume of requests received from brands around the world. Appropriate social media coverage will be awarded to all products and materials received.

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